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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Rodman 9k: Not just another celebrity vape

Rodman 9k: Not just another celebrity vape

Celebrity vapes that have been released have seen a rise and fall of popularity. The reason they usually drop in popularity is due to the quality that is offered, a lot of celebrity disposables will have a high defect rate or flavors that are just not good at all. This will leave the disposable with nothing but the celebrity name backing it. Another issue is that the celebrity backing the device has no part in development, however we found the disposable Rodman has exceeded expectations.

The Rodman 9k has been out long enough for us to be able to test and really understand the device. Having an overall simple but very clean design and 14 flavors offered, today we will be breaking down the device and flavors.



Having the Rodman 9k we have been able to test the device and overall build. Although the design is simple, it is still a very clean looking device. Using a portrait from Rodman in his prime, a simple Rodman logo in the front with the collaborator Aloha sun’s signature flower. Overall  this device offers nothing but quality. This device will also come with a rubber tip rather than a plastic tip which is interesting to say the least, but also a nice addition to the device. The Rodman 9k also released their special edition flavors that will have a nice marble design on the front of the device with a nice smooth texture. The Rodman device will also have a battery and juice monitor on the side. When the battery dies there will be a USB-C charging outlet that will provide a quick charge. Also in the packaging itself there are these neat trading cards that are offered which is a nice personal touch to what's included in the packaging.



The overall performance has been amazing with no shortage of life of the disposable. We have experienced the Rodman disposable lasting the whole 9k or more that is offered. This may be to the device offering a true 16ml juice capacity and overall better quality hardware on the inside of the device. Even when we recharged the device fully with about half of the juice capacity left we did not experience any burnt hits. Also including adjustable airflow this device will really be for any type of person that either enjoys restricted airflow or a wide open air flow experience.



The Rodman has a total of 14 flavors with most of them being pretty unique compared to the other disposable brands. Below we will list the flavors and flavor profile of the flavors.


  • VC Tobacco - A nice smooth tobacco with a hint of vanilla.
  • Clear - Delivering a nice icy vape with a little bit of sweetness.
  • Pineapple banana ice - This will deliver a nice banana with a hint of pineapple flavor that does not overwhelm the banana.
  • Acai Berry - A clean Acai with mixed berries with more of a creamy exhale.
  • Peach Berry - Peach Berry is a nice ripe peach with mixed berries.
  • Hall Of Fame - This will be a great juicy grape with an icy finish.
  • All Star - A great Blue raspberry and a complementing ice.
  • Buzzer Beater - A now staple lush ice that will please any watermelon lover.
  • Cool Mint - A great sweet mint with a nice icy exhale.
  • Overtime - This will have an exotic lychee and guava flavor with a hint of ice.
  • Rodman Blast(Special Edition) - The Rodman Blast will deliver a great tropical rainbow candy.
  • Rodzilla(Special Edition) - A movie candy go to, this flavor will be a nice take on strawberry ropes.
  • The Menace(Special Edition) - Delivering a great ripe strawberry and a tropical passion fruit.
  • The Worm(Special Edition) - A great iteration of your favorite candy sour gummy worms.

Having 14 flavors you will have a lot to try and will not be disappointed with any flavor that you go with. I will list some of our favorite flavors that we keep finding ourselves going back to:


  • All Star (Blue Razz Ice)
  • Buzzer Beater (Lush Ice)
  • Hall of Fame (Juicy Grapes)
  • Rodman Blast (Special Edition)
  • The Worm (Special Edition)


This list is our personal favorite, however the overall flavors offered by the Rodman brand are a must try since everyone's flavor preferences are different. Out of all the celebrity vapes that we have tried, the Rodman 9k has been the best one offered. If you would like to test out the device yourself please see the link below:*

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