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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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RAZ DC25000 Disposable

RAZ DC25000 Disposable

The Raz brand has been a popular release with their TN9000 series being one of the more popular designs. They have now released the new DC25000 and are also gaining more in popularity. The RAZ DC25000 is a 25k puff disposable that will offer 15 different flavors. Today we will be breaking down the device and list the top 5 most popular flavors that they currently offer.


The Raz DC25000 will offer a 25k puff as previously mentioned, however there will be a lot more to this device. This device will have a USB-C charging port, Two vape modes(Boost and regular). The overall design will have a HD screen with a battery indicator and juice level gauge. The HD display can also be set to a light and dark mode. Please note that when you are in boost mode it will lessen the puff count to 15k because it will be burning more juice than the normal mode. Overall the DC25000 design is clean and comfortable to hold with a leather construction around a small section of the device.

Top Flavors:

Having 15 flavors it may be hard to choose which one to try. For this we will list our top 5 flavors in no specific order:

  • Sour Apple Watermelon - A sour green apple with a refreshing watermelon flavor
  • Strawberry Orange Tang - Introducing a nice ripe strawberry with a tangy orange balance.
  • Blue Raz ice - A staple flavor to have in any disposable the blue razz ice will compete with others alike.
  • Cherry Strapple - A great blend of cherries,sweet strawberries and a sour apple.
  • Georgia Peach - Refreshing peaches mixed with a little bit of ice.

The RAZ DC25000 has a lot to offer and will not disappoint any taste buds. If you are searching for a new disposable to try, the DC25000 is definitely worth testing out for your new go to device. If you are interested we will leave a link below:

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