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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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PG or VG: Which Juice Is Right for You?

PG or VG: Which Juice Is Right for You?

Vapers have been debating the propylene glycol versus vegetable glycerin issue for quite some time and it’s hard to decide which base for your e-juice is right for you. Both have their benefits and drawbacks, both behave differently in your vaporizer, and both result in different tastes, throat feel, and amounts of vapor.

Both PG and VG, or a combination of the two, are all widely available for purchase but the choice depends on what you want from your vaping experience and some issues that certain consumers might face when using PG alone or when combined with VG.


Let’s take a look at what PG and VG actually are and why knowing the difference can make your vaping much more satisfying.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene glycol is an odorless and colorless fluid with a light, smooth feel. When used as a base for e-juice it tends to provide a feeling in the throat that many users describe as very similar to that of a cigarette. It carries flavors well, although in some cases a sweetener is added as the PG itself has no flavor.

PG was the base of most fluids when the vaping industry began. Most vape devices were designed specifically for this type of fluid and PG fluid is thin enough to keep the coils from clogging which is why it’s still very popular. However, most of the juices available today have varying ratios of PG to VG as the market and vaping trends have changed.

One of the other benefits of a vape juice with a high PG base is that the amount of vapor exhaled is very low so it’s a little easier to “stealth vape” with this product. PG fluids also tend to carry flavor very well so if you’re particularly fond of an intense flavor when you vape then PG is definitely the right choice for you.

Vegetable Glycerin

PG or VG: Which Juice Is Right for You?Vegetable glycerin is derived from vegetable oil and is thicker than PG. One advantage of using VG is that since it’s plant-based, many vegetarians and vegans prefer it as it better fits their lifestyle. Also, in some rare cases people have had minor allergic reactions to PG and when they switch to VG the side effects disappear.

Since VG is a bit sweet on its own, vape juice flavors that are also sweet are best enhanced with VG. So if you really enjoy sweet flavors, like strawberry, then a VG juice is going to give you better results. Some VG users also find the juice to be a bit less harsh on the throat than PG and is the better option for sub-ohm vaping.

VG also produces a lot more exhaled vapor than straight PG juice and this really appeals to those who love those bright, thick clouds of vapor that look so great in Instagram photos. Also, if you’re into competitive vaping then a high VG fluid is definitely the one that will have your cloud as long and dense as they can possibly be.

One thing to consider when using VG is the fact that since it’s so thick it doesn’t work well in older machines and those with smaller coils.

Which One Should I Choose?

Obviously, if you’ve ever suffered from a rash or other reaction from PG then you shouldn’t use juice that is labeled PG-free. Other than that, the choice is really up to you. Most juices contain a combination of the two or you can mix your own to a level that suits your taste.

Also, each fluid tends to suit different flavors better than the other. For instance, the thickness of VG works really well with flavors like cream, custard, and caramel and Milkman e-juices are really popular for those into the creamy flavors of a MAX VG juice.

Fruity flavors and drink flavors tend to suit PG juice better than VG so you’ll want to look for a higher PG ratio if fruit flavors are your go-to juice. The Space Jam Andromeda has a 50/50 PG-to-VG ratio and is really well suited to that flavor.

So what’s the takeaway? Now that you know what’s in your juice, how it works, and the results it provides, the choice is completely up to you. If you’re into lots of vapor and a smoother taste and feel, then look for a high VG product. If you like your vape to feel and taste more like a cigarette, go for a higher PG product. Or you can mix and match and blend different juices to find a combination that you really like.

And if you have any questions our customer support team is always available to help you choose the juice that’s right for you and get your order on its way to your door.

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