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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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New to Vaping? 4 Things to Know Before You Buy

New to Vaping? 4 Things to Know Before You Buy

New to Vaping? 4 Things You Should Know Before You Buy

If you’re new to vaping everything about it can seem confusing in a very big way. Even the words associated with the products are foreign. Tanks, coils, sub ohm, clearomizers, mods, and juice mean something completely different in this industry, and for some people the sheer fact that these terms are foreign to them can make them feel uncomfortable.

Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when they’re trying to learn, so in this post we’ll talk about the various components that make up the whole of your new vape setup, how each piece works, some of the different aspects of each component that can change your vaping experience, and how to knowledgeably and decisively choose the vaping equipment that’s right for your needs.

So continue reading, enjoy what you’re learning, and if you still have questions feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with anything you might need.

1. How Does It Work?

Most people who are trying vaping for the first time have one question: how does it work? It’s a simple yet important question but with a somewhat complicated answer. The succinct answer is this: The tank of your vaping device holds the liquid of your choice and the cotton wicks inside absorb the juice. When you activate your device, the coils in the tank/clearomizer are heated up, the juice evaporates, and you inhale the vapor.

The more complicated answer to the “how does it work” question depends on a variety of different factors such as the type of device you’re using, what tank your device is outfitted with, the type of the coils, and so much more. That’s why we’ll now break this down even further so you can get to know your vaping device even better.

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2. What Is an E-Cig Made Of?

An e-cig may seem complicated but it’s really a simple system that converts liquid to vapor. However there are different types of e-cig to suit various needs and types of use.

The entire device, called the atomizer, comes in three different forms: the clearomizer, glassomizer, and cartomizer. Each e-cig is made up of the battery, also called the mod, the coils, and the tank.

  • The battery powers the device, and can either be integrated into the unit or be replaceable. The mod houses the battery and charges the device.
  • The coils are wires that have been wound into a coil shape. The coils heat the e-liquid on the wicks to create the vapor that you inhale.
  • The tank is the part that holds the wicks, the heating coil, and the e-juice.

3. What Type of Tank Should I Use?

It’s difficult to say which component of vaping is most important as professionals all have different opinions, but we’ll start with the tank as it’s the part of your device you’ll be most aware of.

Again, there are many different types of vape tanks to choose from but they all function in basically the same way. They hold the e-cig juice of your choice and feed that juice either by cotton or wick to the coil which heats the juice to the point of vapor, which you inhale.

For many people who are new to vaping, the type of tank is more about volume than anything else, but your budget and other factors can come into play when choosing your first setup. Always ask questions if you’re unsure about any aspect of your new vaping device.

Currently, the most popular tanks will be the glass sub-ohm vape tanks, which will last longer and save you money you’d need to replace a plastic tank as it begins to break down.

4. When Should I Change The Coil?

Tanks and coils go hand in hand and as they’re arguably the two most important components of your vape device. However, just like there are many variations of the tank there are variations of the coils as well.

The coils will wear down over time and need to be replaced and there are several ways of doing that. Some more experienced vapers prefer to use rebuildable coils that they make themselves while others prefer to simply buy new coils and swap them out when necessary. Coils also come in a variety of types from stainless steel to ceramic.

New to Vaping 4 Things to Know Before You BuyYou’ll know that it’s time to change your coils when the amount and taste of the vapor isn’t quite up to par. Depending on the type of atomizer you’re using, changing the coil is a straightforward affair. You simply remove the base of the atomizer, take out the coil, and then screw in the new one.

Some older atomizers/clearomizers have their coils located at the top of the device, but this is becoming rarer. Regardless, you should always be sure and change your coils when necessary to ensure you have the best vaping experience possible.

This is some very basic but reliable information for someone who is new to vaping. Of course there are many more topics to cover and if you’re interested in learning more about what type of vape setup is right for you, contact us and we’ll be pleased to explain things in more detail. Until then, happy vaping!

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Charlotte Fleet - September 21, 2021

I appreciate all of your tips for people who are new to vaping and want to buy the right products. I like how you said that it is smart to take your budget into consideration when purchasing your first vaping setup. I think it would also be a good idea to take the reputation of the smoke shop you are buying from into account so you get quality products.

Kate Brownell - September 21, 2021

I am new to vaping but I want to quit smoking and I just wish to get the details of the best e juice suppliers ( who can offer me a premium e liquid. I do not want to purchase a low quality e liquid because it poses health risks. These points have really helped so I can take care of the things when I have to purchase my vape pen. I will not make any mistakes now. Nice post. It really helped.

Charlotte Fleet - September 21, 2021

I found all of your tips for first-time vapers very interesting and helpful. I like how you stated that a factor that should play into choosing your first setup is the budget that you can spend. I would imagine that another factor that should go into selecting a vape system is the reputation of the company you a buying from.

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