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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Why Does My New Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

Have you ever taken a hit from your newly bought disposable vape and been greeted with that unpleasant, burnt taste? Even top vape brands like Elf Bar, Vaporesso, or SMOK can fall victim to this issue. It’s frustrating but there’s some ways that you might be able to fix the issue. In this post, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this issue and offer effective solutions to help you restore the flavorful experience you crave.

Instead of tossing your vape aside, it is important for you to figure out the causes of the burnt taste and address them. There are 3 Common Causes with Brand New Disposables:

     1. Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is the most common cause of burnt taste of a brand new disposable vape. It happens when you take multiple hits in rapid succession. Since the time you leave between the puffs is not enough for the wick to soak more e-liquid for the coil to heat, this might overwhelm the coil and lead to overheating, resulting in a burnt taste. 


If you encounter a burnt taste during your initial puffs of vaping, put your disposable down for a few seconds and pace yourself and avoid consecutive hits. Allow a brief pause between puffs to give the coil time to cool down and the wick to re-saturate with e-liquid. It is suggested to vape as often with disposables due to high nicotine content made in most of the disposables.

    2. High Vaping Power

High vaping power and overcharging could trigger the burnt taste of your new disposable vape. Sometimes a disposable vape tastes burnt due to the battery outputting excessive voltage for the coil. Using the disposable vape at a higher wattage or power setting than recommended can cause the coil to heat up quickly, leading to that burnt flavor.


If your vape tastes burnt after charging, try to take light puffs for a few times without fully inhaling. This could help with reducing the battery charge gradually, and lowering the total power output. Additionally, it is crucial to check the manufacturer’s suggested wattage range for your disposable vape and adjust your device’s settings accordingly. Starting at a lower wattage and gradually increasing can help with finding the optimal setting for a smooth vaping experience.

     3. Improper Priming

Another potential cause for burnt taste of a disposable vape could be improper priming. If the coil or wick is not adequately primed, there might not be enough e-liquid saturation, which can lead to dry hits and a burnt flavor.


Before using a new disposable vape, place your vape to stand upright for approximately 15 minutes. Additionally, prime the coil by taking a few dry puffs without activating the device. This process helps to draw e-liquid into the wick, ensuring uniform saturation and preventing burnt taste.

Other Possible Reasons for Used Disposables:

     1. Coil Damage

Coils in a used disposable vape can deteriorate over time which might potentially affect the performance and flavor. There are various factors, as mentioned earlier, that can contribute to coil burnout. If you find the coil is damaged, there’s no other way than to replace it with a new one. It is suggested to inspect the coil for signs of wear and tear to help to prevent the burnt taste issue.

     2. Low E-Juice Level

If the disposable vape was used for a certain time, the e-liquid in the cartridge will be diminished gradually. Since the wick absorbs the e-juice to heat the coil and produce vapor, a depleted e-liquid chamber can cause the coil overheating, resulting in a burnt taste for the disposable vape. Therefore, it is important to monitor the e-juice level in your disposable vape and refill it when it is low. There are a variety of disposable vapes that feature a LED screen to display the e-juices level, examples are Geek Bar Pulse 15K, Chris Brown CB15K, SpaceMan Prism 20K & RAZ DC25K Disposable etc.

Suggestion to Prevent the Burnt Taste

  • Do Not Overcharge
  • Do Not Chain Vape
  • Keep checking e-Liquid Level
  • Experiment with Different Brands
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