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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tutorial: How to clean your Vape Tank [SMOK TFV8 TFV12 Series Tanks]

Tutorial: How to clean your Vape Tank [SMOK TFV8 TFV12 Series Tanks]

Today we’ll be taking a look at tank maintenance and going over a few simple steps you can follow to get your favorite tanks looking and tasting brand new! Maybe you enjoy vaping only one flavor. Maybe you like to rotate several flavors throughout your tank. In either case, it’s important to clean your tank on a regular basis, but why?

Better Flavor

Ghosting - flavor ghosting happens when you switch up the e-liquid flavors inside the tank without properly cleaning the tank first. The residual taste of the first flavor lingers in the background, even though you’re using a brand-new e-liquid. Not only is this unpleasant, but you’re doing each flavor a disservice by combining two flavor-profiles that were not meant to be together. In short—clean your tank before switching up the e-juice to get the best possible flavor.

Like-new vape experience

If you want your tank to perform at its peak-potential, your tank needs to look like it has potential! Gunky residue inside the tank is an unfortunate consequence of time and vape juice. Put simply: Time + Vape Juice = Gunk (and it’s unavoidable). Vegetable Glycerine is a core component in all vape juice, and if left unchecked, over time the gunky VG buildup will start to take its toll on your tank. These affects are, but not limited to:

  • Diminished flavor production
  • Poor atomizer performance
  • Reduced air-circulation
  • Burnt taste

So stay on top tank maintenance to vape at your tank’s peak potential!

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Foreign objects in the tank

One of the most underrated reasons to maintain your tank is to clean out any pocket lint or germs that may have snuck in there. Mouths can be a dirty place, and it’s not too farfetched to assume that many of us have accidentally dripped some spit into our tank while vaping. What’s more, think about all of the bits and pieces of pocket-paraphernalia that could have made its way into our tanks and into our e-juice. Yuck! So lets look at what you can do to properly clean your tank and ensure you’re getting the best possible vaping experience.

What you will need:

  • Sub-Ohm Tank/Atomizer
  • Replacement Coil
  • Vodka (Optional)
  • Warm Water
  • Cloth/Paper Towels
  • Cotton Swabs/Toothbrush (Optional)
  1. First, you’ll want to get rid of any e-juice that’s still inside the tank. Once the tank is emptied, go ahead and disassemble the tank (throw away your old coil) and begin placing each individual piece of the tank into a bowl of warm water. Depending on how long it’s been since the last time you’ve cleaned your tank, you may want to add a little bit of hand-soap to your bowl of water for a little extra-kick of cleaning power. Stir the pieces of the tank around the bowl with your finger and make sure the water is touching every square millimeter of the tank.
How to clean your vape tank
Cleaning SMOK TFV8 Vape Tank
  1. Next, fill up a 2nd bowl or container with equal parts water/vodka and transfer the pieces of the tank into the new vodka solution (Note: If you used soap in the previous step, make sure you rinse the soap off of the tank before you place the pieces in the vodka water). The vodka water will help disinfect the tank thoroughly and add a little extra shine to the Stainless Steel sections of the tank. Allow the tank at least 5 minutes to sit in the vodka solution to disinfect completely.
  1. Now you’re going to rinse the tank one last time to wash away any of the residual alcohol, then grab a toothbrush or a cotton swab and begin cleaning the threaded areas of the tank. Simply take your toothbrush or cotton swab and lightly brush away any excess grime that’s still on the threads. When the threads look nice and clean, grab your cloth/paper towel and begin drying off each piece of the tank individually.
Water vodka solution for cleaning vape tanks
Cleaning SMOK TFV12 Tank
Cleaning thread of SMOK TFV8 Tank
Drying and cleaning TFV8 glass tube
  • 4. Now that the tank is completely dry, go ahead and install the new coil, and then reassemble and fill the tank.
Installing new coil head on TFV8 TFV12 tank
Reassemble SMOK TFV8 TFV12 Vape Tank

If you do not have any alcohol laying around, you can skip step two and still get like-new results from these simple cleaning methods.

Hopefully now your tank is looking spotless and delivering flavor like it was when it was brand-new! Depending on how often you vape, you may want to set aside one day per-week for tank cleaning to be sure that you’re getting the best possible vaping experience with each and every vape. Cleaning any vape tank should be fast and painless, and will only continue to get easier as time goes on. Remember- a clean tank is a happy tank, and a happy tank will produce the best flavor!

Vape safe and enjoy!

Lem'nBerry E-Juice

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Luwanda Fisher - September 21, 2021

I love lemnberry. One of my favorite flavor e juices. The price is outstanding and the flavor is just tasty.

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