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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The New Geek Bar Pulse X

The New Geek Bar Pulse X

Geek Bar has now released the next version of the Pulse. The pulse X will be Geek Bar’s newly designed disposable and now available for buy. While introducing a new look to their line up of disposables let's take a look at this newly released model.


The newly designed Geek Bar Pulse X has introduced a new look that they have also patented. The new design will have the world's first “3D curved screen”, keeping a similar body mold however with the new curved screen it will create an over more sleek look to the device. The screen will now take up a good 40-50 percent of the overall disposable. The screen will show a nice constellation graphic on both sides of the disposable, While still including some of the original features such as the battery and juice level meter. Also keeping the USB-C charging port and the adjustable airflow featured at the bottom of the device.


Overall the performance may be the same due to them still including a dual mesh coil and dual core design. Geek Bar has increased the puff count to 25k using the standard mode and 15k when it's in the pulse mode that can be activated with the air flow adjuster towards the bottom. So now the Geek Bar Pulse X will have an extended life span due to the increase in puff count.


Geek Bar has released a 15 flavor line up. There will be many options to choose from while also having some well known flavors to test the device. Some of the interesting new flavors that we will see will be lime berry orange, banana taffy freeze, grapefruit refresher, raspberry peach lime and lemon heads. Even though they are new to the market Geek Bar has yet to disappoint when it comes to their flavors. 


After testing the Geek Bar Pulse X it is clear to say that the Geek Bar Pulse X does not disappoint when it comes to aesthetics, flavors and performance. Let's hope that the Geek bar brand can keep up with the supply and demand for that was one of the main issues we noticed in the previous model. Also if these disposables do raise in popularity we hope that the quality stays the same as far as defect rates. Usually when a brand rises in popularity it is difficult for the company to keep up the quality and supply for the product.

If you wish to try the new design please see the link below:

Geek Bar Pulse X

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