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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Tutorial: Guide to Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods

Tutorial: Guide to Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods

Welcome to Misthub's Guide to Variable Voltage / Variable Wattage Mods. While these devices were once rare and very costly, the rapid evolution of vaping has made these devices quite popular, widely available and very affordable. Today we will discuss what is a variable voltage / variable wattage device, how they work, and the various advantages and disadvantages of these devices.


What Is A VV/VW Mod?

A VV/VW Mod at it's simplest is a battery powered vaping device that uses circuitry to regulate its output power and allows adjustment of it's output power in two ways: 1. By adjusting the voltage. 2. By adjusting the wattage. Additionally these devices employ protection circuitry to provide a wide variety of safety features to protect the user and/or prevent damage to the device itself. The safety features of VV/VW Mods make them a fantastic device for new and veteran vapers alike. Today, there is a massive selection of these types of these devices. Their maximum output power and other features are just as varied. With so many choices in devices it's good to know they are all quite similar internally. These devices are controlled by a micro processor which is what allows for and controls the variable settings, safety features, and secondary features like displaying battery life, atomizer resistance, etc. The only significant internal differences are the microprocessor itself, whether it uses replaceable or internal batteries, and if those batteries are in a parallel or a series circuit. Battery placement determines if the microprocessor has to boost the voltage to achieve the desired setting in a parallel circuit or reduce the power to achieve the desired setting in a series circuit.

Vape Tutorial Guide to Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Mods


Why Use A VV/VW Mod?

Flexibility and Convenience:


  • A VV/VW mod has the ability to customize the output which can be helpful in a variety of ways, it allows the flexibility to quickly change and use a wide variety of atomizers with different resistance, coil types and wire sizes. The ability to adjust the output power also allows users to control the amount of heat generated by their coils which can change the flavor of or burn certain e-juices and help adjust if the user wants to take shorter or longer pulls to create the same amount of vapor. With these devices a few button clicks is all it takes to readjust and you are ready to go



Safety Features of VV/VW Mod

This type of mod is by far the safest type and most newbie friendly vaping device on the market because of their wide variety of possible safety features.


  • Thermal Protection: Disables the device if it becomes too hot.
  • Over Charge/ Discharge Protection: Prevents your device from firing if your batteries have become over charged or over discharged.
  • Min/Max Resistance Protection/ Limits: Prevents your device from firing an atomizer whose coils resistance are either too high or low for the device to safely fire.
  • Short Circuit Protection: Prevents your device from firing if there is a short circuit.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection: Protects the device and user from incorrectly installed batteries.


User Features of VV/VW Mod

Vape Tutorial Guide to Variable Voltage Variable Wattage Mods

This type of mod is usually feature rich other than variable voltage and wattage and could posses any combination of the following features and with the rapid evolution of these mods possibly some features not listed here.


  • Display atomizer resistance.
  • Display battery life.
  • Display voltage / wattage Setting
  • Display voltage under load in real time.
  • Temperature Control ( a new technology that provides adjustable limitation of the coils maximum temperature by detecting changes in atomizer resistance under load)
  • Mechanical / Bypass Mode (Allows output to be determined by the battery's state of charge and the atomizers resistance).
  • Lock/Unlock to prevent accidentally firing the device.
  • Puff counter to show how many pulls have been taken.
  • USB Passthrough allows you to charge a mod while vaping on it.


Disadvantages of VV/VW Mods:


  • Size: Since these mods need space for their circuitry and wiring to perform comparably or out perform mechanical devices VV/VW mods are often larger than fixed voltage regulated mods or mechanical mods and the smaller VV/VW mods often will have a shorter battery life, lower output maximum output power, and smaller usable resistance range.
  • Durability: These device utilize wiring, circuitry, LED or OLED displays, microprocessors, tactile switches and other electrical components that can become damaged if dropped or can wear out or fail after extended use limiting the lifespan of these devices in comparison to mechanical mods which have no circuitry to wear out or become damaged if dropped.


Additional Tips on Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage Mods:


  • Start using your device at a low setting and gradually increase it until you have found the setting that works best for you.
  • Keep VV/VW away from water or extreme temperatures. Since they use delicate circuitry it is best to avoid these to prevent damage to the device.
  • Batteries have a more limited lifespan than the devices they power. Some devices have a non-replaceable internal battery while others use replaceable rechargeable batteries Consider this when deciding on the cost effectiveness of a device.
  • The ability to read resistance on a VV/VW mod is no substitute for an ohms reader. While they ultimately do the same thing the mod puts a higher voltage current through the atomizer than an ohms reader which in the case of a short will trigger protection circuitry and put unnecessary strain on the device.



We can come to no other conclusion than that the rapid evolution of these mods has put feature rich, safe, high performance devices that allow a customizable vaping experience into the reach of the masses and are now more affordable than ever. Safety matters to us and it should matter to you too so the trade off of durability for safety when seeking a high performance device seems like a good choice to us. If you have any questions about VV/VW Mods or your not sure which VV/VW Mod is right for you feel free to Contact Us, MistHub's expert staff is always happy to help.


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